Custom Machinery

Designed & Built to Your Specifications.

IES is experienced in the design and building of assembly, testing, processing, and production equipment utilizing your preferred components and specific company specifications. Our mechanical and electrical engineers have earned a reputation for building high quality, robust equipment for the manufacturing plant floor.

IES Inc. will work with you to design and build from an idea, will develop a concept from scratch, or take an existing concept and adapt it to specific need. We provide start-up assistance as well as equipment installation.

Partial list of some examples of our custom designed equipment:

  • Custom assembly stations and entire assembly lines
  • Orient, pick and place stations
  • Pop Rivet Assembly Machines
  • Screw-driving and nut-running
  • Assembly Machines
  • Clinch stud, clinch nut and special assembly presses
  • Metal removal equipment (broaching, debur, threading, drilling, reaming)
  • Vision systems
  • Custom material handling systems (including food grade, electronics, appliance, and machining)
  • Leak testing equipment
  • Laser marking systems
  • Bag Folding Equipment
  • Porcelain Application Equipment
  • Special Test Equipment
  • Robot integration

What’s the Story?

Paper Mill Roll Wrap Line Label Applicator

promo custom2 - Custom Machinery
Paper Mill Roll Wrap Line Label Applicator promo custom2 – Custom Machinery IES designed a small, two axis gantry to retrieve the label and place on the existing application system. A belt conveyor is used to catch the paper as it comes off of the printer. A set of vacuum pads are used on a platform to pick of the paper and hold it until it is released on the existing conveyor. The system was designed with standard, off-the-shelf parts with an aluminum extrusion frame. This simplified construction and maintenance while providing great reliability.

Broach and Debur Operation

promo custom1 - Custom Machinery
IES worked with the customer to take a concept and develop it into a working piece of automatic equipment. This machine orients the part, broaches the keyway into the taper crankshaft bore, deburs the bore and discharges the flywheel to an out feed conveyor. The station eliminated the need for operators to orient and handle the heavy parts. Automatic orientation not only saves time, increases throughput and reliability, but also eliminates future health and safety issues.

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